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  • Dewulf :: Potato harvesters :: R3060

    R3060 Dewulf

    2-row 3-wheel self-propelled bunker harvester is based on the generally known harvesting and sorting

    mechanism, and is certainly revolutionary in the field of drive, steering and control. The extremely

    manoeuvrable machine has a permanent hydrostatic three-wheel drive which is continuously variable (0 up to 30 km/h). The traction power can be adjusted per wheel, so that you can keep harvesting, even in the worst circumstances and weather conditions. The carefully developed weight balance gives a great stability to the machine. The machine has a three-wheel system with double steering and rear steering axle. The harvester can discharge the bunker, while driving.


    The machine is standard equipped with:

    • Cabin: Claas, with air conditioning, windscreen wipers, radio, Grammer pneumatic seat with operating console and multifunctional joystick, 2 adjustable and heated mirrors.
    • Control terminal in combination with a joystick for adapting all settings and parameters of the harvester
    • 3 Color monitors with 6 cameras.
    • Set of lights and working lights for a self propelled machine: 2 flashing lights, 9 working lights, 4 side lights and 2 reverse lights.
    • Fuel tank capacity 800 liter.
    • Diesel engine: Scania Tier IV Final (Ad blue) 350hp
    • Steering axle: inclination of 18°, automatic middle positioning with pedal control, wheel position indication showed on the control terminal.
    • Drive: hydrostatic wheel drive which is continuously variable (0 up to 30 km/h), 5 programmed drive modes in the control terminal, of which 4 are adjustable by the operator.
    • Set of tires for R3060: front and right rear wheel are twin tires (for crop protection), Mitas 380/90 R46, left rear wheel Michelin 1000/50 R25.
    • Automatic leveling of the machine.
    • Central greasing system.
    • Oil dripper for bunker chain.
    • Haulm topper: rotor shaft with flails, with side-shift, automatic depth control by ski s, haulm removal web to the right side.
    • Harvesting channel: 2 diaboloes, 2 single harvesting shares adjustable in angle, 2 haulm extraction rollers, "Auto Pressure Control" (APC) for a perfect adjustable weight relief of the harvesting channel, adjustable per 1 bar.
    • 1st Sieving web: width 1.500mm, length 1.800mm, sprocket drive (ø 180mm - ø 220mm depending of the pitch), adjustable in speed and together reversible with the 2nd web from the cabin.
    • 2nd Sieving web: width 1.650mm, length 3.500mm, universal drive wheels (ø 220mm), adjustable in speed and together reversible with the 1st web from the cabin, 3 hydraulically driven agitators: (one adjustable rotary agitator and two high frequency agitators, all of them are separately switching on/off from the cabin and in speed adjustable on the machine).
    • Haulm roller: width 1.650mm, mechanical drive with a low maintenance gearbox, easy adjustable haulm tines.
    • 3rd Sieving web: width 1.650mm, length 1.900mm, cam wheels (ø 180mm), speed is hydraulically linked to the 2nd web, hydraulic motor is positioned straight on the drive shaft.
    • Lower hedgehog belt: width 1.650mm, length 1.100mm, universal drive wheels (ø 180mm), angle and speed adjustable from the cabin.
    • Ring elevator: width 900mm, sprocket drive, each drive axle of the ring elevator and supporting web is connected a hydraulic motor, together adjustable in speed from the cabin.
    • Upper hedgehog belt: width 900mm, length 1.000mm, universal drive, angle and speed adjustable from the cabin.
    • Inspection table: width 1.000mm, length 4.100mm for minimum 4 persons, sprocket drive (ø 180mm), the top moves up and down (controlled by automatic height sensor into bunker), speed adjustable from the cabin, minimum falling height 150mm.
    • Bunker: volume 11,5 m³, discharge width 1.850mm, robust drive chain by means of large rollers, drive axle with gearbox, bunker chain is positioned outside the side plates (no wearing of the bunker chain), possibility to unload on the move, 2 adjustable discharge speeds, automatic move of the bunker chain, max. / min. discharge height 4.850 / 1.600mm.



    Number of harvesting belts 3
    Bunker capacity (kg) 7500
    Speed (km/hr) 0-30
    Number of rows 2
    Weight (kg)  18200
    LxWxH (cm) 1.260x350x400
    Width sieving web (mm) 1500 first web, 1650 2nd and 3rd web
    Working width (mm) 1500


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