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  • Bijlsma Hercules :: :: 1000-65-3-W

    25Bijlsma Hercules_Space finder 1000-65-3 W.jpg

    Those who wish to make maximum efficient use of their storage areas automatically choose Space Finders from Bijlsma Hercules. They are extremely user friendly, with high capacities and automatic swivel mechanisms that prevent dust cones, ensuring optimum filling of storage space and good ventilation for the product.

    Another distinctive advantage is the belt drive which is driven from the top by a two-speed motor with chain drive. Top drive prevents belt slippage, provides optimum belt control and also lowers belt tension. This in turn reduces wear and tear on the belt and rollers, extending the product life of your Space Finders.

    The Bijlsma Hercules Space Finders combine high capacity with low damage. The rubber belt with chevron-profile has a v-shape support. To limit drop heights the belt has a separate end section which automatically dips when the belt is extended.

    Separate reduction motor drive all the telescopic mechanisms, the height adjustment, the swivel mechanism and the drive arrangement of the machine. All functions can be automatically operated via simple remote control. These come standard with a 15-metre cable. With adjustable guide plates and end switches, the width of the swivel reach of the space finders can be perfectly adjusted to its delivery position, whilst the adjustable pause ensures level filling.


    LxWxH (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Belt width (mm)
    Belt shape
    Belt support
    Swinging reach (mm)
    Reach in front of wheels (mm)
    Total conveyor length (mm)
    Input heigth (mm)
    Output height (mm)
    Belt speed (mtr./min)
    Belt drive (kW)
    Swinging mechanism
    Length adjustment
    Height adjustment
    Swivel mech. drive (kW)
    Length adj. drive (kW)
    Height adj. drive (kW)
    Drive wheels (kW)

    support rollers 50mm
    4500 - 10000
    7800 - 13300
    500 - 6500
    Electrical on wheels
    2 x 0,55
    2 x 0,55






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