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  • Bijlsma Hercules :: Receiving hoppers :: BSB 4120

    3Bijlsma Hercules_Receiving hopper Jumbo 2000 FREQ.jpg

    This new designed machine is particularly suited for reception from rear tipping trailers or from boxes. The floor consists out of two heavy roller chains, between which transverse bars have been mounted. Over these cross bars a PVC-made canvas is mounted, which ensures a very product- Friendly handling of the products. Because the PVC canvas is mounted widely between the cross-bars a very good take away result is realized. The machine is on the outlet side provided with a fixed angled swan neck in the moving floor for a better dosing of the crop to the soil extractor.

    Machine is standard equipped with:
    - 2 wheels with air tyres 11.5/80 * 15.3.
    - Heavy duty drawbar for transport.
    - The hollow sections are on both sides mounted on a heavy-duty 4 inch heavy floor chain
    - Remote control is equipped with an on/off push button, emergency stop and potentiometer with graduated scale for setting the floor speed.
    - The direction of both conveyors from the soil extractors can be set on the electrical switchboard.
    - Standard is the remote control equipped with 12,5 meter cable.
    - The side boards can be folded away easily, because of an unique construction. This is an advantage for road transport and storage of the machine.
    - It is possible to mount several soil extractors behind these receiving hoppers. (compulsory option)
    - The suspension of the cleaners is integrated into the frame of the hopper. Adjustment of the distance
    between the rollers, stars or spirals is mounted in a user friendly position, which is besides the hopper on the operating side (through adjustment of a hydraulic cylinder).
    - Line module system standard included.



    Volume (m³) 11
    Input height (cm) 75-91
    Input width (cm) 310
    Moving floor length (cm) 410
    Moving floor width (cm)  200
    Drive belt (kW) 1,87
    Capacity (t/hr) Up to 60 tons
    LxWxH (cm) 530x350x250
    Weight (kg) 3.975


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